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ADHD causes everything to kind blur together sometimes

Imagine yourself in a multiplex movie theater. Curiously, no walls separate the half-dozen theaters that form the multiplex. Miraculously, you are watching six different screens all at once, thoroughly understanding and enjoying every scene, word, character.

Welcome to AD(H)D. 

Its less complex cousin, the simple three-letter ADD, stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. What dope named it that? Far from lacking attentiveness, we absorb everything within 25 miles. Call it ADD if you must, but allow the letters to stand for Abundantly Dynamic and Dashing. And if it’s AD(H)D you’re discussing, let that blasted H stand for Handsome, not Hyperactivity.

George Clooney is NOT the author of this post, but is much better looking[Editor’s note: This is where a photo would go to help illustrate the “H” standing for “Handsome.” And a photo of me would go here if, indeed, I were handsome. But I am not. So I ask instead you imagine someone who is – see suggestion at right –  and then tuck “Blackie Blackwell” in your memory alongside that mental photo. Thanks for your cooperation.]

My mom always viewed people “afflicted” with ADHD the way ordinary citizens view the X-Men in those Marvel Comics: as mutants (just without the superpowers). But we’re not freaks, anomalies of nature, or alien life forms.

Oh, sure, parents sigh as their high-powered kids, like some endlessly charging Energizer Bunny, never wind down. Teachers nearly weep as we stroll into their once-orderly, well-run classrooms. Employers shake their heads at what they assume they’ve hired in obviously misguided moves. However, we are not to be feared. You’ll be amazed at what we can do that is constructive. Better yet, you’ll be entertained.  🙂

Even Famous people have ADHD - Howie Mandell was no surprise here.

I’ve learned to do more than just “live” with ADHD … I’ve learned to treasure it. Lots of people with this “disorder” successfully press on. (No, I’m not among the celebrities at right. But keep your eyes peeled in the days ahead.)

“ADHD Powered – Learning with Laughter” is a blog that offers encouragement, insight, support, wisdom and humor about ADHD to those who have it … and for those who live life around those who have it.

Because I’ve got ADHD, I have the best life imaginable. Trust me. Colors are brighter. Foods taste better. Songs sound sweeter. Friends are truer. Lovemaking is … well, none of your business.

Join me as I share true but unbelievable stories that will inspire you even as you shake your head in laughter. More importantly, feel free to share your experiences. Your life matters, and your story is as important as the next person’s. Share it here so others can be encouraged through your journey.

Email me any time at ADHDPowered@gmail.com. Be sure to check back every Thursday to follow the latest adventures … because in the world of ADHD, the excitement never ends.

Get in. Sit down. Buckle up. Hang on. Welcome to our world.

by Blackie Blackwell

[Final Editor’s note: I leave off the parentheses around the H in the term ADHD because I don’t like ‘em. There. I feel better. How ’bout you?]

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