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classic-blackieWarning, faithful followers of the colorful writings of Mr. Blackie Blackwell: I (being excellent friend Robert Hunt) have taken over the posting for today!

Blackie turns 60 at the end of December, so please take a moment right now and send him a birthday greeting (at the bottom of this blog, or to his email address if you are lucky enough to have that).

Wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him what he and his writings have meant to you. Pour it on and open your heart so he feels the love of his friends and even his family. You can kid him “a little bit” if you must, but keep it positive and real – like Blackie.

Everyone Dies – Few Really Live

If you have met Blackie, you are a blessed human being. I met Blackie in 1999, or 2000, or sometime between 1980 and 2010, not really sure any more. Blackie is the kind of guy who makes you want to live intentionally. He has a passion for life that is contagious, maybe because he has died three times already and wanted to make the most of the fourth chance at life.

I think it’s because he LOVES Jesus Christ and has the joy of the Lord bursting out of him. Yeah, that’s it.

Blackie and I don’t have much in common but we do share a few major points. I don’t have ADHD, but I act like it sometimes. We both are God-Fearing, Bible-Reading, Jesus-Following, Humble Men of GOD. (I’m much more humble than he is). We both have amazing beautiful wives and precious daughters. And we both love to lead by serving others.

I could tell all kinds of stories about Blackie, but I’ll just share one thing that has fueled my efforts to impact others. When we first met, he told me the reason he worked with youth was so he could help them avoid mistakes that might keep them from being used fully by GOD for His purposes. Rather than try to fix problems later, he was focused on preventing the problem from ever occurring. This made a lot of sense to me also and has led me to volunteer to work with the kids of our church ever since.

Living A Life That Matters

AdamBDay09As I followed the adventures of our man in orange, I’ve seen the challenges he’s faced and his commitment to living a Life That Matters. If you’ve read many of his stories, you will agree: this man is having an impact on the world, one person at a time.

I challenge you to follow his example and find a place you too can invest in others. If you pour only into yourself and have an amazing life, you create ONE amazing life. If you pour into every person you meet, you are helping to create hundreds, or thousands, or in Blackie’s case, millions of amazing lives.

I am who I am today partly because of the investment and example Blackie Blackwell has been in my life. Go do the same for those GOD has put in your path … be that bright, shining orange light that the world so desperately needs today.

“Happy 60th Birthday Blackie!”

Additional comments that only people with ADHD would ever notice or care about:

  • How on earth did I get into Blackie/s blog to write this?  Good question. I helped Blackie start this blog back in 2013. People kept telling him he should write down all the great stories. I just gave him a place to do it. This first few blogs list me as author but my lawyer says I need to emphasiszethat I was only a ghost publisher and have no legal responsibility for the content in those blogs. Blackie never changed the password so I felt obliged to walk right in and post this blog. I’m assuming he’ll be fine with this. Right, Blackie? [Blackie: Right you are, Robert!]
  • In the third paragraph of this article I put the words “a little bit” in quotes because I think its cool that Blackie enunciates “lit-tle bit” with such clarity … sort of like an actor from England would say it. Ask him if writing these blogs so often is hard work and he would say “a lit-tle bit.”
  • “Happy Birthday, Blackie.” Screen One
  • “Happy 60th Birthday.” Screen Two
  • “It’s December already?”  Screen Three
  • “Happy Birthday, Blackwell!” Screen Four
  • “I stopped counting a long time ago.” Screen Five
  • “Whatever. Where is the cake?” Screen Six
  • If you have enjoyed reading Blackie’s blogs, please take a minute to e-mail others who struggle with ADHD, or even just the challenges of life, and let them know about this blog so they, too, will be encouraged.